Back To School //Organizing Essentials

Monday, August 17, 2015

With the start of school fast approaching I thought it may be helpful to share some items that I have found to be a must to get through the school year. The biggest thing to have a successful year is to stay organized, so these are all things that will help do just that!

Folders and notebooks are an obvious must have. What works best for me is to have my notebook and folder for each class color coordinate. It's a simple way to keep things together, so when I'm leaving for class I can just look for the color I need and quickly be on my way!

Stick Tabs//Clips
I use a combination of stick tabs, paper clips, and binder clips to group chapters together for exams. I use the stick tabs in my textbook to mark the beginning and end of a section that will be on the exam. So if my exam will cover chapters 1 through 4, I place one tab at the beginning of chapter 1 and one at the end of chapter 4. The paper clips are used to clip together individual chapters in my notebook or powerpoint print outs. Then I use the binder clip to group together all the chapters that will be on the exam. I try to use the same color tabs and clips so when it come time for finals I know where one section begins and the other ends. 

Colored Pens// Red Highlighter
Colored pens are great for rewriting notes. It helps break up large sections of notes, and is especially helpful when copying down diagrams. A red highlighter and pen are also a must for studying. In one of my psych courses I learned that when we underline or highlight important information in red, it helps us remember it better. The only place I have been able to find a pack of red highlighter is on Amazon, but it is defiantly worth it!

The most important thing to have for a successful year is a good planner. This will save you so much stress if you use a planner. Planners help you keep track of important due dates and exam dates that can seem to all pile up. I use different color highlighters to highlight the important dates for each class in the calendar to keep everything sorted and separated. I write the important dates on the monthly calendar in my planner, then I use the day-to-day part for homework assignments and such.

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