Beauty Must Have's//Summer Skincare

Monday, July 27, 2015

With all the wonderfulness of summer comes so not great changes to my skin. So as the weather changes so does my general everyday body/skin products. The most important part of skin care for for me is moisturizer. It makes all the difference in how my skin looks and feels, so that is always my main focus, especially in the summer!

For my face there is one product that is a holy grail for me, and that is Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer. I use this product twice a day, once when I first wake up and again after I shower in the evening. It is the perfect thing to put on your face in the morning because it has spf in it, which is perfect to protect you skin from the harsh summer sun! Its not heavy on the skin at all, and sinks in perfectly to the skin so you can't even feel it.  This also comes in a tinted moisturizer version if you want a little coverage. I personally have only ever used the original, but from what I have seen it is the same product just with a tint!

Surprisingly, my hands and feet get really dried out in the summer. My feet get rough from walking around barefoot so they crave something to soften and bring some life back into them!The product that I have been loving for all over the body use to moisturize is the Suave Cocoa butter and Shea smoothing moisturizer. This was a random purchase I made a few months back because I had needed a travel sized lotion, but now that I have it, not a day goes by that I don't use it! It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't leave me feeling sticky. Its everything I want in a moisturizer, plus its really cheap for an added bonus!

The last gem I have been loving on my skin this summer is specifically for your hands. Its the Bath and Body Works' True Blue Look Ma, New Hands lotion. It is a super thick, creamy moisturizer that leaves your hands feeling brand new and baby soft. It has a very light scent that goes away quickly, which is great because I'm not a fan of being stuck with super strong smelling locations. This product is magical and will rejuvenate your skin. 

So if your skin is needing a little summer pick me up these products are some great go to's. They will leave your skin refreshed and glowing, and need to be in your beauty arsenal for your skin to survive the summer!

Dessert Oasis

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

After being on the hunt for the perfect cafe to be my regular spot for studying, blogging, reading, or whatever one does as cafes, I have found the perfect place. My hunt was over when a few months back I stumbled over Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters, and after my fair share of visits, I can safely say this is my new favorite stop. Finding a cafe to call your home away from home when the need for that caffeine boost is no easy task, but Dessert Oasis has all the variables to make it perfect for me. 


This is by far the most important consideration when looking for a regular coffee stop. There needs to be enough selection and have the taste to back it up. I don't care if you can make 100 different variations of my coffee order, if it doesn't taste good there is no point. Dessert Oasis has the wide selection you would see at most coffee places, offering a range of cold and hot drinks. I typically find myself going for the caramel latte(I'm a sucker for the designs the foam makes), but on occasion I have strayed from my new found favorite, and have yet to be disappointed.  The flavoring of the drinks are perfect, the coffee is not too strong, but has enough strength to give me that extra caffeine kick I want. I would say the taste is comparable to that of Starbucks drinks. There is not necessarily anything special about it to make it standout, but with that being said, its still a good cup of coffee. 
Their menu also has a wide selection of food ranging from sandwiches to desserts. With this being a cafe, and not a chain coffeeshop, this is an area that Dessert Oasis excels in. The taste and selection of food is better than you would find at a Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Overall for selection and taste I would give a 9/10, the only thing missing are the blended beverages. 


Another factor I look into is how much bang for my buck I am getting. I think you can  feel my pain when you go into chain coffee shops and fork over $5 for a medium latte. I want my delicious camramelly goodness without feeling as if I have to sell my soul to afford it. It was refreshing to see that I would pay $4 for my caramel latte and the mug it was given in was the size of my face! I have since learned that for me the large is too much and can go for the cheaper, and smaller of the two sizes, and be just as content. For the serving size you get,  the prices really are great. The quantity to price ratio gets a perfect 10/10 in my books!


When I sit down to start working with my coffee to my left and my books to the right, I need to be able to get in the zone, and  to do that the atmosphere around me needs to be good. The worst thing is when your super focused, but then you hear the barista yell out order after order, disrupting your perfect concentration. This is now a struggle of my past, as at Dessert Oasis when you order you are given a card to place on your table and your order is quietly brought out to you. The only noise you here is the quiet typical coffee house music lightly playing, and the light chit chat of other coffee goers around you. The cafe is kept kind of dark, but not to the point where you need to whip out your own personal flashlight to see, just enough to create a calm mood. Another nice touch is that Monday through Saturday night there is live music. Its that little something extra that changes things up which is nice. My rating for the atmosphere is 8.5/10, my only complaint being that sometimes it gets a little too crowded due to the smaller size of the building,but it is made up for with the comfy seating!

Overall if you are looking for a good cafe to try out I would recommend Desert Oasis. Between the selection, great pricing, and comfy cozy feel it has become my new go to coffee stop!

Elephants Here

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shoes: Vans // Bag: Coach // Watch: Daniel Wellington 
Tank: Brandy Melville // Cardigan: H&M // Shorts: Forever21

Today did not feel like a summer day at all. It was chilly all day, so this look was perfect to combat the unpredictable weather. The light cardigan added the perfect amount of warmth, but if it got warmer I was ready to go with the shorts and tank. Keeping comfy and casual on this hump day
xx Ashley

I'm On Bloglovin!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

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Casual Friday

Friday, July 3, 2015

Watch:Daniel Wellington // Crossbody: Coach(similar) // Shoes: Forever21

Top: Topshop s/o (similar) Skirt: Zara

Red, White, and Blue

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

With the holiday weekend fast approaching, it's time to buckle down on your Fourth of July outfit. The last thing you want is to look at the clock, see you were supposed to have left 5 minutes ago, and look down to still be in your pajamas. You will go into a frenzy of decisions that must be made, shoes will go flying, closets will get torn apart, rooms will look like disaster zones! Or you could save the hassle and look at the outfits I've put together for you, and see that the crisis has been averted. Just as Americans do best, I have gone all out with the patriotic colors, but in a more wearable way. I've got you covered from super casual to a more dressed up look. I hope these sets help, and that you have a Happy Fourth of July! 
xx Ashley
Red, White, and Blue
Happy Fourth     
             Festive Fourth