Airport Essentials

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today I have a quick 3 hour flight so I thought it was fitting to show a few of the things I bring/ wear to keep me from going insane on the flight! For me on flight essentials are what are going to keep me fresh, cozy, and entertained. I'm currently reading 13 Reasons by Jay Asher and I'm really enjoying the unique POV in this story. When that fails to keep me going I'll write in my journal or watch a movie. Airplanes tend to be extremely drying so I make sure I have moisturizer and a good lip balm. I also have a makeup bag to quickly put on some makeup right before we land. 

Outfit wise I keep it simple and comfortable. Its still cold where I live so I'll bring a jacket, but other than that its all about achieving the highest possible comfort level. For me that's leggings, a yoga workout top, and vans which are easy to slip on and off when going through security (no one likes that person that takes forever to go through security because they  made poor outfit choices which take forever to get on/off). Slip ons are easy and comfortable. Also no jewelry because you'll just have to take it off ( and then once again people will side eye you for your bad planning). 

Hopefully this will help a little on any future travel plans you may have! xx Ashley 

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